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ApprovedMarch 2, 1998
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  1. Documentation outlining the mutual relationships and benefits of related corporate entities must be maintained by the College. Such documentation will include:
    1. A description of the separately incorporated unit’s activities;
    2. A statement demonstrating the manner in which the activities relate to the purpose of the institution;
    3. A current roster of board members of the related entity, including institutional personnel and board members who have responsibilities with both the institution and the incorporated entity, whether they are additionally compensated by the entity or not;
    4. A copy of the separately incorporated unit’s annual financial audit report for the most recent completed year; and
    5. Copies of the charter and bylaws of the related corporate entity.
  2. Related corporate entities shall ask and receive approval of the President or designated personnel about issues concerning advertising, program content, and scheduling activities.
  3. Responsibility of program participants will be decided prior to its initiation. Unless otherwise stated, the College will maintain liability to participants in the program as licensees; the contracting entity will be held primarily liable to program participants in all other aspects.
  4. The following related corporate entities are recognized:
    1. Blue Ridge Community College Educational Foundation, Inc.