9.7 Emergency Closings and Disruptive Activities

Policy TrackingDate
RevisedJanuary 12, 2004

  1. Blue Ridge Community College will remain open as scheduled unless the following emergencies exist: (a) severe or inclement weather conditions that would endanger the adult population while traveling to and from places of employment such as in business, industry, and service agencies; (b) quarantines or epidemics declared by medical authorities for public health purposes; (c) critical power failure that would prevent normal operation of the school plant; (d) declared national or state emergencies or restrictions imposed by civil authorities; (e) bomb threats, conveyed by phone or other communications; (f) fire emergencies; (g) tornadoes; (h) disruptive activities; (i) financial emergency. All emergency closings will be authorized by the President or a designee.
  2. The President shall develop a set of procedures, which will govern the operation of the College in the event of emergency closings, disruptive activities or threats against students or employees.