2.14.5 Display of Artwork on Campus

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RevisedNovember 4, 2009

  1. General
    1. Artwork may be loaned to, donated to, or purchased by the College to be displayed temporarily, semi-permanently, or permanently at a Blue Ridge Community College campus locations in accordance with the following provisions.
    2. Artwork is defined herein as the creation of attractive, unique, or thought-provoking works that include but are not limited to printmaking, drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, photography, digital art, mixed media, and conceptual media. Signs, bulletin boards, plaques, or items such as College logo which are designed to promote the College are not considered artwork for this procedure.
    3. This policy applies to all artwork owned by, loaned to, displayed or stored by the College in established gallery spaces and common areas such as, but not limited to, building entryways and halls, meeting rooms, and outdoor spaces. Student artwork displayed in association with a course is not included nor is artwork displayed in offices spaces or temporary artwork displayed in classrooms.
  2. Art on Campus Committee
    1. The Art on Campus Committee, acting as an ad hoc committee, shall be appointed by the President and composed of ten (10) members including a member of the Associate in Fine Arts – Art faculty, a representative from the Blue Ridge Community College Educational Foundation, three (3) faculty members and two (2) staff members. Ex officio members may be added by the Committee members. Duties of this Committee include but are not limited to:
      1. The review and selection of works of art.
      2. Recommending appropriate placement of artwork on campus (on College grounds or placed in College buildings).
      3. The review and approval of temporary artwork exhibits
      4. Consulting with College staff regarding the placement and maintenance of artwork.
      5. Encourage and support the display and acquisition of student artwork.
    2. The Art on Campus Committee shall review works of art offered to or considered by the College and recommend acceptance or rejection. The President has the final approval on such decisions but may, in some cases, defer decision-making to the Art on Campus Committee.
    3. In considering requests for permanent or semi-permanent artwork on campus, the Art on Campus Committee will consider the following: artistic merit, appropriateness (in keeping with the College’s mission and values), proposed site(s), maintenance, identification of the artist, transportation, storage, and security.
    4. In cases of temporary display of many items of artwork, the Committee may render a recommendation based on information provided. Where some artwork may later be deemed objectionable, the President or his/her designee shall make the initial determination as to whether it may continue to be shown pending further review by the Committee.
  3. Placement of Artwork
    1. The placement of artwork should be done in consultation with the General Administration Division and must also take into account the location of the site, environmental conditions, maintenance requirements, and security. Concerns or complaints about placement of artwork will be reviewed by the Art on Campus Committee.
    2. All College artwork should be inspected annually. The report on the state of the total inventory of artwork shall be submitted to the Committee who, in turn, shall recommend any needed maintenance. The General Administration Division is responsible for such review, inventory, repair, and maintenance of College artwork.
    3. Where applicable and upon approval of artwork by the Committee, prior to such display, an agreement shall be executed between the College and the lender as provided below.
  4. Acquisition of Artwork by the College
    1. The goal of the acquisition of artwork is for ownership of works of art with the understanding that the College may enjoy, relocate, sell, or transfer ownership. Artwork commissioned by the College (e.g., a mural painted on an interior hallway) is deemed an acquisition.
    2. Before any artwork may be acquired by the College, such items must be first approved by the Art on Campus Committee. Blue Ridge Community College Educational Foundation may also refer such requests to the Committee before accepting donations.
  5. Donations of Artwork by the Community
    1. Donations by members of the community or organizations should be made without restrictions or special conditions about use, display, future disposition, except in the most exceptional of circumstances.
    2. Donations offered by faculty and staff will be reviewed by the Art on Campus Committee and must meet all criteria described in this policy.
  6. The College shall not accept donations of artwork from students at the College who are still in a curriculum program.
    Temporary Artwork Display
    1. Artwork displayed on campus shall be by the College’s invitation only. The display of such artwork shall be at all times consistent with the academic mission and values of the College.
    2. All temporary artwork or art collection displays must be approved by the Art on Campus Committee. Exceptions are temporary artwork displays at the College that occur on regular intervals, such as events sponsored by the Art Department or the Community Enrichment Department.
    3. The Art on Campus Committee should not be called upon to review the artwork of individuals or organizations who desire to bring their artwork to campus for show and public viewing with the intention of promoting such work and who rent the College’s facilities (see alsoSec. 2.14.1 – Use and Rental of College Facilities).
    4. Where artwork is accepted by the College for display on a temporary basis, an agreement will be created and signed by the President and the lender of the artwork. The agreement shall state: the type of artwork, duration, location, and liability. The value of the object(s) loaned shall be provided prior to execution of the agreement. The lender shall submit an inventory of the artwork and shall provide for the return of the artwork to the lender at the end of the display period. Such contracts may be waived if the artwork is on temporary display in a secure room monitored at all times by the lender.
    5. The College provides insurance coverage for an artist’s personal property on campus while in Blue Ridge Community College custody, subject to standard exclusions. Owners of artwork, however, are responsible for transportation of the artwork and are encouraged to have their own insurance coverage that will apply to their property while it is on display.