3.8.2 Part-time Wage Plan

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RevisedMarch 4, 2015

  1. Hiring of Temporary Employees – Individuals hired for temporary assignments may not be hired at a greater rate than the minimum for the position level without approval of the appropriate Vice President.
  2. Adjunct Faculty – Compensation will be based on the state salary guidelines. It is also understood that adjunct faculty do not receive any benefits available to full time faculty such as medical coverage or retirement unless required by law.
  3. All wages for part-time faculty and staff members are assigned and approved by the appropriate Dean, Director, Associate Vice President, or Vice President. (Please refer to the following related procedures3.6.1 Working Hours, for operating hours and work week,3.1.2 Employee Classificationsfor maximum number of part-time hours allowed,6.2.1 Faculty Work Loadfor part-time faculty maximum work load).
  4. Part-time faculty and staff members are paid a competitive wage, based upon market demand, qualifications of candidates, and job responsibilities. A wage plan showing wage rates and salary ranges by category will be made available upon request to the director of Human Resources.
  5. The appropriate Vice President or Associate Vice President must approve and justify all wage exceptions to the part-time wage plan.
  6. The President will review part-time wages on an annual basis.

Blue Ridge Community College Policies and Procedures Manual