8.1.2 Assigned User Accounts

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RevisedJanuary 29, 2008

  1. Assigned User Accounts: The IT Department administers user accounts for various information technology resources including College Administrative Systems, E-mail systems, and shared file storage systems. User accounts are issued to Blue Ridge Community College faculty, staff, and students based on their respective needs and role. Before an account is assigned to an employee, vendor or contractor, a supervisor or designated employee must complete an Information Systems Access Request Form and the completed form which must be approved by the appropriate Vice President or College President.
  2. Sharing Accounts: Sharing of a user account which has been assigned to a single individual is strictly prohibited.
  3. Remote Access of Network Accounts: Blue Ridge Community College employees who are permitted to perform their duties away from the designated workplace, such as a “work from home” arrangement or working while on official travel, and using Blue Ridge Community College information technology resources via a non-College owned computer, are subject to the same policies and procedures contained herein.
  4. Connections to Computer or Network Resources by Students and Visitors: There may be occasions whereby a student or visitor to the College is permitted to access Blue Ridge Community College Computer or Network Resources with their own computer. In any such instance, all the procedures contained in this chapter are applicable to that user.
  5. Termination of Accounts: Formal notification shall be made to the IT Department by the Human Resources Director or supervisor immediately upon an employee’s termination. Accounts assigned to an employee who have “administrative systems accounts” will have those accounts disabled immediately upon notification of termination or at the direction of the employee’s supervisor. It is the responsibility of the departing employee to consult with their supervisor regarding such leave and the disposition of all personal work files. Similarly, student accounts may beclosedafter graduation or a lapse of at least 90 days from the last date of enrollment.
  6. Access Control: Each employee must complete and sign an individual Information Systems Access Terms & Conditions Agreement. An Information Systems Access Request form must be completed and approved by the supervising Vice President(s), or College President designated as the data owner/custodian. Changes in employee responsibilities or job status which will affect access to Blue Ridge Community College data must be reported to the appropriate IT department immediately. IT can temporarily and immediately revoke access upon supervisor request. IT will only assign additional access to an employee upon a completed and approved Information Systems Access Request form
  7. Monitoring Accounts: IT Systems Administrators are charged with investigating policy and procedure violations and suspected abuse of computing resources. When there is a clear indication of a security breach, abnormal network or system performance, or a reason to believe that a user has engaged or is engaging in unauthorized activities, Systems Administrators may inspect program data files and may monitor network traffic, including any personal equipment or device connected to the Blue Ridge Community College Technology Resources. Disciplinary action will be taken if it is found that the account or any supporting equipment is used for activities that violate any portion of this policy.