8.1.1 Information Technology - General

Policy TrackingDate

July 30, 2007


  1. Handbook: The IT Department shall publish an Information Technology Users Handbook (herein referred to as the “Handbook”) to help guide users of Blue Ridge Community College computers, related computer equipment, and multimedia equipment. This document shall be available online and shall be reviewed and revised at least once per year under the direction of the CIO.
  2. Technology Facilities: Blue Ridge Community College’s technology facilities include desktop computers, lab computers, laptop computers, servers, printers, telephones, fiber optic distribution equipment, switches, routers, fax machines, pagers, distance learning equipment, multifunction devices, audio-visual equipment, media production equipment, telecommunications equipment, network systems and contracted resources provided by 3rd parties. This equipment is maintained either by the Information Technologies Department (IT), the Media Services Department (MS), or the Instructional Technologies and Distance Learning Support Department (IT&DLS).
  3. Multimedia Services: Blue Ridge Community College’s multimedia equipment includes multimedia carts, television monitors, overhead and digital projectors, video cameras, digital cameras, sound amplification equipment, auditorium sound and lighting equipment, and videoconferencing equipment. This equipment is maintained by the Media Services Department.
  4. Blue Ridge Community College Technology Committee: The Blue Ridge Community College Technology Committee will develop and update the Technology Plan and advise in matters involving technology including: computer hardware and software, distance learning, telecommunications, digital media, multimedia, and electronic office equipment.
  5. Off-campus Use of Technology Resources: Portable equipment may be assigned or loaned to Blue Ridge Community College faculty and staff for official use off-campus. Use of College equipment by non-college entities is restricted; where such use is allowed, equipment should be accompanied by a Blue Ridge Community College employee.
  6. Printing and Copying: Users should not abuse printing privileges by printing extraneous material. All work is performed in strict accordance with federal copyright laws and with North Carolina General Statute G.S. 66-58(a) [sale of merchandise]. All printing and copying will be charged to each program area at the current rate per copy available at the Print Shop. Procedures regarding replacement printer toner cartridges and paper for networked printers may be found in the Handbook
  7. Technology Selection and Purchasing Policies: The Blue Ridge Community College IT Department will assist faculty and staff in selecting the appropriate computer hardware, software, or telecommunications equipment. The Director of Information Technology is responsible for final approval of the technical standards and compatibility of all new equipment, hardware, and software, and must approve all applicable purchase requisitions before approval by the President or respective Vice President.
  8. Compatibility: The Director of Media Services is responsible for reviewing the technical standards and compatibility of all new multimedia equipment and software, and will approve all applicable purchase requisitions. The Director of Media Services will confer with the Director of IT to ensure that new network and computing system software is compatible. All such purchases shall be approved by the CIO.
  9. Ongoing Assessment of Information Technology Resources: The Blue Ridge Community College Technology Committee will develop an annual survey of faculty, staff, and students. The survey will incorporate selected questions based on student course evaluations and feedback received routinely from students, faculty, and staff as part of the ongoing assessment process. Results of the survey will be reported to the President of the College each year and used to improve equipment, software, and support services.
  10. Blue Ridge Community College Logo: Blue Ridge Community College owns all rights to its logo, seal, and other related materials. The College’s name or symbols may not be used in the production or marketing of items not copyrighted or patented by the College.
  11. Use of Electronic Images: Blue Ridge Community College reserves the right to use photographs, motion pictures, and electronic images of students and visitors who are age 18 or older with the following provisions:
    1. Such photographs, pictures and images are taken on College property or at College-sponsored events; and the use of such photographs, pictures, and images is for marketing and promotional purposes.
    2. Objection to the use of an individual's photograph in such a manner may be made in writing to the Director for Marketing and Communications.
  12. Review of Procedures: All written procedures in this Chapter, and all information technology-related components in the Blue Ridge Community College Business Continuity Plan will be reviewed on no less than an annual basis. Such review may be initiated by the Technology Committee and forwarded to the President for review and action no later than June of each year. Modifications to procedures shall be documented.
  13. Vendors and Contractors:
    1. The purpose of this subsection is to define procedures for allowing vendors and contractors (herein referred to as vendors) access to Blue Ridge Community College Information Technology (IT) resources, network systems, or computer systems. As a general principle, such access will only be granted as required, will be extremely restrictive, and will be carefully monitored.
    2. This section applies to all persons or companies with whom the College has contracted to provide a service involving IT resources including hardware, software, and operating system vendors. Such service includes all of the IT tools and protocols used for network and server management (e.g., computers, servers, routers, hubs, firewalls, switches, and interconnecting cables).
    3. Vendors must comply with all applicable Blue Ridge Community College policies and procedures including established safety procedures. The Director of Information Technology will be responsible for coordinating all work performed by vendors on any of the above referenced systems and for providing the vendor with a Blue Ridge Community College IT staff member who will be primary point of contact for the vendor.
    4. Vendors shall not divulge, copy, release, loan, sell, review, alter, or destroy any college-owned data, equipment, or software except as properly authorized by the College. Vendors may be asked to sign a confidentiality statement prior to doing work for the College.
    5. To accomplish a given task, the vendor will be given the lowest security privilege required. Generally, a vendor will not be given system administrator privileges or their equivalent and such access will be granted for a defined and short duration, usually the length of time required to address a specific support incident. If vendor is given access to an account that is shared among IT staff, the password for the account will be changed after the vendor completes the work. On completion of the task, access will be disabled.
    6. Prior to granting vendor access for software installations or upgrades, the process will be reviewed by the appropriate IT system administrator. After a vendor has installed or upgraded a product or system, the responsible IT system administrator will review the system to ensure that it is functioning properly. To the extent possible, the activities of a vendor will be monitored by Blue Ridge Community College IT personnel.
    7. Violations of any provisions of this policy will be dealt with in the same manner as with other external vendors or contractors and may include denial of access to IT resources or legal action.