7.2.1 Non-Curriculum Course Approval

Policy TrackingDate
ApprovedOctober 1, 2002

  1. The Vice President for Economic and Workforce Development/Continuing Education (EWD/CE) shall be responsible for approving the establishment and offering of all non-curriculum continuing education classes (except Basic Skills/Literacy, which shall be the responsibility of the Vice President for Instruction) consistent with the mission and role of the North Carolina Community College System. Prior to a course being offered, program directors or coordinators shall be responsible for providing an appropriate course outline and the following course development information.
    1. Verify the course exists on the North Carolina Community College Combined Course Library (CCL).
    2. Develop a course description
    3. Develop course objectives and course outline
    4. List methods of student evaluation
    5. Assign recommended course hours
    6. Have the proposed courses approved by the Vice President for Economic and Workforce/Continuing Education (EWD/CE)
  2. If the course does not already exist on the CCL, the course must also be approved by the President and submitted to the North Carolina Community College System for review.

Blue Ridge Community College Policies and Procedures Manual