6.7.1 Class Reports

Policy TrackingDate
RevisedSeptember 2, 2020

The College shall follow the requirements and provisions for calculating and reporting FTE for curriculum, continuing education and other applicable classes and programs as proscribed by the State Board Code.

All instructors are responsible for maintaining and submitting such records and reports as may be required by the College.

All records and reports are to be submitted to the appropriate administrator on or before the date due.

  1. Membership and Web Attendance Record − Attendance is to be kept by each instructor for each section taught, currently through Web Attendance. Codes for showing student status are listed on the Web Attendance form and are to be used as shown. This form will constitute the official back-up record for FTE reporting and for attendance in the class. The first submission in Web Attendance should be done no later than the day after ten (10) percent of the class meetings have taken place. The final submission of Web Attendance is due within 24 hours after completion of the course.
  2. Census Reporting
    1. Traditional and Blended courses − Census will be taken at the first face-to-face meeting of the class. For Census date adjustments due to inclement weather or emergencies, seePolicy 9.7.1.
    2. Hybrid courses- The official census date is the first date a student completes an activity, which will either be recorded as the first face-to-face meeting of the class or the first completed activity in the LMS.
    3. Online/Internet courses − All online/internet courses will use the standard “Required Census Activity” provided by BRCC’s Distance Learning. The student must complete the required activity by the date the Office of Instruction provides.
  3. Student Grade Reporting
    1. Final Grades − All grades must be entered into MyBlueRidge at the completion of the course by the due date designated by the Registrar’s Office.
    2. Grade Report − Instructors will use the gradebook within the college's LMS to document student grades throughout each section of each course taught. The gradebook will be updated regularly to keep students apprised of their progress in the course. The College’s LMS gradebook will serve as the official record of the grade assigned.
  4. Incomplete Grades− Instructions regarding incompletes as outlined in the general Catalog shall be followed by all instructors. The following procedure will aid in the enforcement of this policy:
    1. During pre-registration advising, the advisor will be responsible for discussing withthe student any possible incompletes anddeveloping a plan for successful completion of the course.Multiple touch points by the faculty member should take place through the time that the student is working to satisfy the incomplete.  The inability of a student to satisfy the incomplete, may result in the following:
           Courses being dropped to create a lighter load, or
           Extra expenses incurred in purchasing texts for courses which cannot be taken due to an unresolved incomplete.
    2. The instructor assigning the grade of incomplete will assign the date by which the student must complete the course requirementsand be in touch with the student with multiple touch points and available for help during the incomplete period. This date must be set no later than the end of the following semesterunless there is an extenuating circumstance outlined by the instructor and approved by the appropriate Dean or Vice President.A grade of incomplete, which has not been removed before the end of its succeeding semester, automatically becomes a failure unlessan exception has been approved by the appropriate Dean or Vice President.During the semester or no later than the end of the semester, instructors award the proper grade   and submit the proper gradechange formthrough the Insider.
    3. Two or more incompletes in a semester will result in the student beingadvisedto carry a reduced load the following semester. The appropriate Dean must document exceptions to this procedure after consultation with the student's advisor. Students with three or more incompletes may register for the following semester by special permission onlyfrom the appropriate Dean.
  5. Student Dismissal or Student Withdrawal from Class by Instructor −. Instructors will make good faith efforts to stay in contact with students who stop attending their course(s). If after repeated communication attempts it becomes necessary to withdraw a student for non-attendance, the withdrawal must be completed between 14 and 25 days of non-attendance, and no later than 30 days of non-attendance. It is very important that the final withdrawal grade and each last date of attendance are provided on the withdrawal. In exceptional circumstances, such as in the case of illness, an instructor may allow a student to remain in class if in the instructor’s opinion the student has a reasonable chance of completing the course objectives. The instructor should maintain documentation of any communication with the student and/or his/her family.
  6. Accident Reports – Any accident that occurs during class,lab or clinical on or offcampus is reported on the Accident/Incident Report form located on the Insider. This should be submitted immediately after the accident occurs.