5.3.1 Facsimile Signatures

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RevisedApril 28, 2017

  1. A signature stamp or digitally produced facsimile signature may be used in signing checks only in accordance with the following procedures of the State Board of Community Colleges and the restrictions imposed by G.S. 115D-58.8.
  2. The disbursement of funds shall be made only on checks signed by at least two employees or Board members of the College who have been designated by the Board of Trustees for that purpose. Prior to the use of any device to sign checks, the Board of Trustees shall pass a resolution authorizing the use of such device. The resolution shall designate a particular employee of the college to have custody of this stamp.
  3. The President may execute, or cause to be executed, instruments of payment, official orders, proclamations, resolutions, contracts, and other official documents with a facsimile signature in lieu of a manual signature. When utilized, a facsimile signature has the same legal effect as a manual signature.
  4. The following table represents the documents, which may be executed by facsimile signatures:

    Software Licenses
    Personnel Contracts
    Service Agreements
    Instructional Agreements
    Cooperative Agency Agreements


    Chief Information Officer
    Human Resources Director
    Chief Financial Officer
    Chief Academic Officer
    President’s Executive Secretary and Chief Financial Officer

    Depository withdrawalsChief Financial OfficerDirector of Finance 
    Financial ReportsPresident, Chairperson of Board of Trustees, and/or Chief Financial OfficerChief Financial Officer 
    Board and Presidential CorrespondencePresident and Chairperson of Board of Trustees

    President’s Executive Secretary

  5. Original (official) copies of all documents not presented above, shall bear an original, manually subscribed signature of the authorized signatory.