4.10.4 Withdrawals from Courses

Policy TrackingDate
ApprovedMarch 5, 2024
RevisedMarch 5, 2024
ReviewedMarch 5, 2024

  1. Voluntary withdrawals from curriculum courses
    1. A student may only drop a class for a partial refund on or before the official 10% date of the semester. After the schedule adjustment period (first three class days of the fall and spring semesters, first two class days of the summer semester), semester), students who drop one or more of their courses on or before the official 10% date of the term must log into MyBlueRidge to drop the course(s). In the case of drops prior to the official 10% date of the semester, the course(s) will not be included on the transcript. For more information on student fees and tuition refunds, see Policy 5.11 – Student Fees and Tuition.
    2. Students officially withdrawing from a course after the official 10% date of the semester must communicate with the instructor of the course or the appropriate Chair or Dean.
    3. All official withdrawals must be submitted to the Registrar during the first 90% of the term. Students may not voluntarily withdraw from a class during the final 10% of the term. The instructor may make exceptions to this procedure in cases of extenuating circumstances such as serious illness or job transfer and award a grade of W during the final 10% of the term. These exceptions must be approved by the appropriate Dean and the Vice President for Instruction.
    4. In the case of a withdrawal, the student will receive a grade of NS or W which will not influence the grade point average, but which will appear on the student’s official transcript.
    5. Students receiving financial aid should notify the Financial Aid Office if they withdraw from a course or withdraw from the College.
  2. Involuntary withdrawals from curriculum courses
    1. Students who register for a course and do not attend classes prior to 10% of the contact hours of the course will be withdrawn by the instructor.
    2. A student may be withdrawn for absences if any of the following occur:
      1. Accumulating a combination of excused or unexcused absences exceeding ten (10) percent of the scheduled class contact hours for the semester. Three tardies constitute one class absence. In online, hybrid and blended classes, missing weekly assignments that are academically related, excluding simple logins and/or email, are considered "absences".
      2. A student is to be withdrawn from an online course if no graded activities are completed within any consecutive 10% of the course period and if the student also does not communicate with the instructor regarding the course content during that same time period. 
      3. A student may be withdrawn for violations of the Student Code of Conduct, both academic or non-academic in nature, outlined in procedures 4.15.1 and
    3. If a student fails to attend during the entire final 10% of the course, the grade that the student earns will be the final grade assigned.

Blue Ridge Community College Policies and Procedures Manual