6.9.1 Acquisition of Educational Materials

Policy TrackingDate
ApprovedOctober 1, 2002

February 4, 2015

ReviewedSeptember 2, 2020

  1. Overall responsibility for seeing that textbooks and other educational materials are ordered rests with each Dean.
  2. Instructors will assist in ordering textbooks and other educational materials utilizing the system developed by the College in partnership with the bookstore vendor. 
  3. Requests for textbooks are to be made as soon as possible after the next semester schedule is completed. All requests should specify the course in which the book is to be used.
  4. Deans, or a designated full-time faculty member, will be responsible for acquiring textbooks for adjunct faculty.
  5. Consistent with the Blue Ridge Community College agreement with Henderson County Early College High School, faculty will make every effort to continue use of a selected textbook for multiple semesters. In those situations where a textbook or edition change is necessary, faculty will make every effort to allow students the opportunity to utilize older editions of textbooks. Justification for not allowing students to use older editions must be submitted and approved by the faculty member’s dean prior to the start of the class.