6.1.3 Classroom Testing and Examinations

Policy TrackingDate
RevisedAugust 5, 2008

  1. Testing and exams are a part of the overall evaluation system employed by the College. Tests and exams should be constructed to determine that:
    1. Clear communication between the student and instructor has taken place;
    2. Students are ready to progress to the next level;
    3. Students do not need additional review prior to moving forward in the program; and
    4. Students can assess their degree of mastery of the subject being taught.
  2. Exams or evaluations will be scheduled in all courses taught at the College. These exams or other evaluation procedures will be used to:
    1. Determine if competencies or objectives for the course have been met;
    2. Provide reinforcement in the learning process; and
    3. Provide feedback for the instructor and serve as an aid in upgrading teaching techniques and materials.
  3. A copy of exams or evaluations used are to be on file in each instructor's office for a period of at least one month following the semester in which the exam was given.