6.10.1 Field Trips and Travel

Policy TrackingDate
ApprovedOctober 1, 2002
RevisedJanuary 26, 2022

  1. Field Trips − Field trips are considered a very important aid in the communication of knowledge, ideas, and understanding to students. Instructors are encouraged to plan and make use of this teaching aid. The following regulations should be observed:
    1. Field trips are to be planned in advance with pre-instruction, post-discussion, and evaluation being of prime importance in the planning.
    2. The industry or business visited should be engaged in practices that demonstrate something related to the subject matter being covered in the course.
    3. All arrangements are to be made by the instructor in advance of the trip.
    4. Transportation will be arranged by the instructor. Students must bear the cost of transportation unless travel is being otherwise arranged by the College in advance. 
    5. When students on a field trip will miss classes taught by other instructors at the College, prior approval is to be obtained from the instructors involved. Instructors may exchange class meeting times to make up hours lost if they so desire.
    6. An approved Field Trip Form must be submitted through SharePoint and approved by the appropriate dean and the Vice President for Instruction at least three (3) days prior to the field trip.
  2. Use of Curriculum Area Travel Funds:
    1. Each curriculum division will be assigned a travel budget for the fiscal year. The Dean is responsible for coordinating and regulating the use of these funds. All requests for use of the funds should be directed to the Dean prior to the planned trip. Requests for travel reimbursement from state funds, which do not have prior approval by the Dean and the Vice President for Instruction, will not be honored.
    2. For overnight travel, out-of-state travel, or other special action, a Travel Authorization Form must be submitted along with the Field Trip Form.
  3. Voluntary Educational Travel:
    1. The College may offer students and employees the opportunity to participate in educational travel experiences that are not a requirement of any course or degree or diploma program. The purpose of these trips is to provide educational experiences for students and employees.  Student and employee participation in these trips is voluntary. 
    2.  All voluntary educational travel must be approved by the President or designee prior to the College soliciting staff or students to participate.
    3. The College, either directly or through a third-party travel agency, may charge students and employees participating in the trip the actual cost of all travel expenses, including but not limited to: transportation, lodging, food, travel insurance, taxes, activities, and tours, and administrative costs. The College shall have no obligation to refund, in whole or in part, any participant for any amount of money paid directly to the College or a third party for a trip that is canceled or postponed for any reason.  If the College collects and holds money for an authorized trip and that trip is canceled by the College, the College shall reimburse participants any remaining funds held in the trip account.
    4. All trip participants are expected to sign a waiver releasing the College from liability for any injury or loss occurring during a trip.  It is recommended that participants purchase travel insurance for all international travel and all travel lasting more than three (3) days.