5.20 Personal Information Protection

Policy TrackingDate
ApprovedMay 11, 2009

  1. Blue Ridge Community College maintains electronic and written personal information which is essential to performing College business. The College has both rights and obligations to manage, protect, secure, and control identifying information. Personal identifying information includes but is not limited to an individual’s name combined with any confidential distinguishing information and/or numbers such as social security numbers, bank account numbers, credit cards numbers, driver’s license numbers, and personal identification numbers (PINs). Every employee, student and associate (including but not limited to contractors, temporary staff, consultants, volunteers, vendors, and trustees) of Blue Ridge Community College should protect this personal information when collecting, using, transferring, storing, and disposing of it.
  2. The President shall develop, implement, and administer proper procedures that protect the personal information of employees, students, and associates of the College.
  3. Pursuant to the US Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003, the President shall develop an Identity Theft Prevention Program to ensure that there is a continuing effort to protect the identity of individuals who are served by the College.

Blue Ridge Community College Policies and Procedures Manual