4.16.2 Student Rights

Policy TrackingDate
ApprovedMarch 2011
RevisedDecember 14, 2020

The following is an overview of basic student rights.  For more specific information concerning these and other rights, students are directed to review the specific policy or procedure dealing with the issue of concern.  The provisions and language contained in specific policies and procedures supersede this Policy. All students at Blue Ridge Community College (“College”) shall be treated in an equitable and fair manner and afforded certain due process rights in academic, discipline, and grievance matters as established in the following College procedures:

  1. For issues with respect to grade appeals, seeProcedure 4.10.6 Grade Appeal.
  2. For issues with respect to academic honesty, see Procedure4.15.1.1 Discipline and Appeal Procedures for Academic Violations.
  3. For issues with respect to disciplinary matters (aside from allegations of unlawful harassment and discrimination), seeProcedure Discipline and Appeal Process for Non-Academic Violations.
  4. For issues with respect to sexual and other unlawful harassment and discrimination, see Procedure3.19.1 Sexual Harassment and ViolenceandProcedure 3.15.1 Unlawful Discrimination and Harassment.
  5. For issues with respect to general grievances, seeProcedure 4.16.1 Student Grievance Procedure and Due Process.
  6. For issues with respect to students records and the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, seeProcedure 4.23.1 Confidentiality of Student Records.
  7. For issues with respect to student use of computers, seeProcedure 8.1.3 Computer Use.
  8. Students are free to pursue their educational goals. The College shall provide appropriate opportunities for learning in the classroom and on the campus. Student performance will be evaluated solely on an academic basis and not on opinions or conduct in matters unrelated to academic standards. For more information regarding attendance and academic standards, see polices contained in the Policy Manual, Section4.12 - Student Class Attendance.Students have the right to voluntarily withdraw from courses under certain criteria. For more information, consult Policy4.10.4 - Withdrawals from Courses.

As a general matter, students are free to pursue their educational goals and, in so doing, have the right to freedom of expression, inquiry, and assembly without restraint or censorship subject to reasonable, appropriate, and non-discriminatory College rules and regulations regarding time, place and manner. For more information, consult Policy2.9.1 - Campus Free Speech, Public Assembly, and Distribution/Petitioning Regulations.

Students have the right to propose improvements in policies, regulations, and procedures affecting the welfare of students through established student government procedures, campus committees, and College offices.

Blue Ridge Community College Policies and Procedures Manual