9.9.2 Clery Act Requirements - Timely Warning Notices

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  1. To help prevent crimes or serious incidents, the Blue Ridge Community College Police and Public Safety Department, in collaboration with other departments on campus, will issue a Blue Ridge Alert or Notice in a timely manner to notify the campus community about certain crimes in and around our community that potentially constitute an ongoing or continuing threat. For the purpose of this policy, “timely manner” generally means 48 hours after an incident has been brought to the attention of a “campus security authority” as defined in the Clery Act.
  2. Members of the community who know of a crime or other serious incident should report that incident as soon as possible to the Police and Public Safety Department so the Department can make a determination regarding issuing an alert.
  3. If community members report crimes or serious incidents to other College Administrators, those administrators should notify the Police and Public Safety Department. Representatives of this office will promptly notify and collaborate with the appropriate college officials to issue a Blue Ridge Alert, if one is appropriate.
  4. Upon receiving notice of a crime requiring the issuance of an alert and without divulging the identity of the victim or any student, an administrator within the Police and Public Safety Department will consult with other key departments to assist in the dissemination of such information.
  5. Depending on the particular circumstances of the crime or other incident, specifically in those situations that could pose an immediate threat to members of the campus community, A Blue Ridge Alert will be issued.
  6. The Police and Public Safety Department distributes Blue Ridge Alerts in various ways. Once the College determines that an alert will be issued, the department e-mails the announcement and may send out a message using the Blue Ridge Alert system, which may send sms text messages or phone calls. Blue Ridge Community College may also post alerts on the College’s Web Site (www.blueridge.edu.edu) or, depending on the situation, may post alerts on bulletin boards throughout the campus.
  7. The Blue Ridge Community College Police and Public Safety Department is responsible for overseeing the implementation of this vital procedure.