9.10 Reporting Crimes on Campus

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RevisedApril 2, 2014

  1. Criminal Activity Reporting − In the event of a crime in progress or at any time there is a risk of harm to persons or property, call 911.

    Known and suspected violations of federal and state criminal laws should be reported to the Director of Public Safety, Associate Vice President Finance for the Vice President for Student Services, the Vice President for Economic and Workforce Development/Continuing Education, the Vice President for General Administration, or the Vice President for Instruction for appropriate action. The assigned administrator will, upon notification of criminal activity, involve the appropriate law enforcement agency and file the required documentation to the College administration. Responsible administrators will review campus crime reports to ensure that the data required by the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act is compiled and disseminated to the college community.
  2. Campus Law Enforcement − Blue Ridge Community College provides uniformed law enforcement officers or security officers to the College.
  3. Criminal Activity at Off-Campus Student Organizations − Criminal incidents occurring off-campus involving students participating in a College function should be reported to the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction and to the Campus Police and Public Safety Department. The Vice President for Student Services should be informed of the incident as soon as possible if a student is involved.
  4. Reporting emergencies – Immediately after first responders have been notified of an emergency situation on campus (usually by dialing 9-1-1), all faculty and staff are required to report such emergency situations to one of the following locations:

         Henderson County Campus: report to the main switchboard
         Transylvania County Campus: report to the reception desk

    The switchboard personnel or receptionist will, in turn, notify the respective law enforcement or emergency personnel, the safety officers and the President. Details regarding the emergency should, if known, be included in the report and include the nature of the incident, how it began, the parties involved, the current situation status, and who has already been notified. Sharing information with any parties external to the College other than law enforcement officers shall be in compliance withSec. 2.27.1of Policies and Procedures Manual (Release of Public Information).

Blue Ridge Community College Policies and Procedures Manual