6.14.1 Instructional Service Agreements

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RevisedSeptember 10, 2008
ReviewedJune 23, 2020

Blue Ridge Community College may enter into a written instructional service agreement with another community college within the North Carolina Community College System. The agreement must be drawn in complete conformance with the NC State Code, including the following items which must be contained therein:

  1. Specify the curriculum or continuing education program to be shared;
  2. Define the plan for sharing the curriculum or continuing education program, including who shall earn the FTE and grant the award;
  3. Certify that appropriate and adequate resources are available at each participating college. Where feasible, the joint utilization of physical facilities, equipment, materials, and instructional faculty should be considered;
  4. Certify that the curriculum or continuing education program meets the standards of the appropriate accrediting agency;
  5. Specify under what conditions and what time frame the agreement can be terminated;
  6. Be signed by the President of Blue Ridge Community College (Levels I and II, as defined), or by the Board of Trustees (Level III), and be signed by the president of each participating college; and
  7. Be approved by the System President.

One or more of the Colleges participating in the agreement shall be approved by the State Board of Community Colleges to offer the curriculum or continuing education program shared by the agreement.

Notification of termination of an agreement shall be sent to the System President prior to the effective termination date.

Blue Ridge Community College Policies and Procedures Manual