9.13.1 Campus Parking and Traffic Regulations

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RevisedNovember 18, 2018

  1. The responsibility for administering this procedure, including the placement of appropriate signs and markings and the development of parking areas, shall rest with the Vice President for General Administration. The designation of “No Parking” and “Restricted” parking areas and spaces shall be the responsibility of the Vice President for General Administration in consultation with the President and the Director of Public Safety.
  2. All faculty, staff and students parking on campus must display a valid Blue Ridge Community College parking decal. All faculty, staff and students in good standing with the College are eligible for a parking decal. Visitors may park in visitor parking areas. Vendor partners and other individuals who need to park on campus on a regular basis that do not fall into the above categories will be issued a Blue Ridge Community College parking decal. Parking permits are for the exclusive use of the person that the permit is issued to. Faculty and staff permits only need to be renewed if worn or illegible. Parking decals are available from the Student Services’ office or the Police and Public Safety Department. Parking permits become invalid under the following conditions:
    1. Ownership of the vehicle is transferred to another person or entity.
    2. The permit holders association with the college ends.
    3. The permit holder is issued another permit relating to the same vehicle.
    4. The permit holder’s parking privileges are forfeited as a result of disciplinary sanctions.
    5. The permit holder commits three (3) or more traffic or parking violations in an academic year.
  3. Parking: All faculty, staff, and students who park on campus are required to display a parking permit decal issued by the College. Parking decals must be displayed on the driver-side rear window of the vehicle. Students, staff and faculty are required to park in designated parking spaces and not in spaces designated for visitors or other restricted parking areas or around shops and driveways. Parking will be on a first-come, first-served basis unless otherwise posted. “No Parking” areas include: fire lanes, driveways, lawns, and spaces designated by “No Parking” signs or marked such as walkways, fire hydrants, loading zone, on roadways onto campus, etc. Vehicles parked in these areas may be towed away at the owner's expense without warning.
  4. Handicapped Parking: A limited number of spaces will be reserved for handicapped persons. Vehicles parking in such spaces must have a valid and visible handicapped placard or plate. Handicapped placards may be obtained from the NC Division of Motor Vehicles (documentation from a physician required).
  5. Rules and Regulations: Faculty, staff and students are subject to discipline in accordance with the provisions of this ordinance and Blue Ridge Community College policy and procedure. The provisions of the regulations shall apply to the operators of all vehicles operated on any Blue Ridge Community College campuses and shall be in effect 24 hours a day. The following rules and regulations shall apply:
    1. No vehicle shall be driven in a careless or reckless manner or in a direction opposite to that indicated by appropriate signs or markings on roadways that are designated as one-way streets.
    2. Blue Ridge Community College campuses shall have a speed limit of 15 miles per hour unless otherwise posted.
    3. All vehicles must be properly parked in an approved marked parking space.
    4. Pursuant to G.S. 20-37.5 vehicles parking in a designated handicapped parking space must display a valid handicapped placard or distinguishable license plate issued to the operator or passenger.
    5. Parking is prohibited on sidewalks or walkways, in the driving lanes of parking areas, in loading or unloading areas, in fire lanes, on grass or landscaped areas, and in approaches or other portions of parking areas that are not clearly marked for parking.
    6. No faculty, staff or student’s vehicle may be parked in spaces specifically reserved for designated persons or functions.
    7. Agents authorized by Blue Ridge Community College administration have authority to remove to a place of storage, at the vehicle owner’s expense, any vehicle illegally stopped, parked, or abandoned.
  6. Enforcement:  The College is authorized to collect a fine of up to $25 for any violation of the above listed Rules and Regulations.  The College also reserves the right to revoke any parking privileges and to remove a repeat offender’s valid parking permit for flagrant violation of the Traffic Rules and Regulations.  Repeat offenders may be required to park off campus.
  7. Towing: The Director of Public Safety is authorized to have towed any vehicle, at the owner’s expense, in violation of rules and regulations as follows:
    1. Unauthorized parking in a handicap space.
    2. Unauthorized parking in a reserved space
    3. Parking in an area not designated for parking
    4. Parking in a manner that creates a hazard
    5. Abandoned vehicles.

      Appeal of Towing and Traffic Violations: An employee or student Grievance and Due Process policy and procedure outlined in the Policy and Procedures manual. In addition, G.S. 20-219.11 provides the following:

      Whenever a vehicle with a valid registration plate or registration is towed as provided in G.S. 20-219.10, the authorizing person shall immediately notify the last known registered owner of the vehicle of the following:
      1. A description of the vehicle;
      2. The place where the vehicle is stored;
      3. The violation with which the owner is charged, if any;
      4. The procedure the owner must follow to have the vehicle returned to him; and
      5. The procedure the owner must follow to request a probable cause hearing on the towing.

        The owner or any other person entitled to claim possession of the vehicle may request in writing a hearing to determine if probable cause existed for the towing. The request shall be filed with the magistrate in the county where the vehicle was towed. The magistrate shall set the hearing within 72 hours of his receiving the request. The only issue at this hearing is whether or not probable cause existed for the towing. If the magistrate finds that probable cause did exist, the tower's lien continues. If the magistrate finds that probable cause did not exist, the tower's lien is extinguished. Any aggrieved party may appeal the magistrate's decision to district court.
  8. Abandoned Vehicles: A motor vehicle that has remained parked for more than 10 days will be determined to be derelict under G.S. 20-137.7 and may be towed away at the expense of the owner. Automotive restoration students may make arrangements with their instructor to leave vehicles for longer periods and instructors should notify the Director of Public Safety if arrangements have been made.
  9. Speed Limit: The speed limit on College Drive is 25 miles per hour as set by the North Carolina Department of Transportation. On all other interior roads, the speed limit of 15 miles per hour must be observed.
  10. Suspension of Parking Privileges: The Director of Public Safety, along with the Vice President of Student Services or, if an employee, the employee’s Vice President may suspend for up to one year the parking privileges of any individual found to be a repeat offender in flagrant violation of these policies.