2.14.1 Use and Rental of College Facilities

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RevisedFebruary 5, 2020

  1. Scheduling: The scheduling of Blue Ridge Community College facilities is based on the needs of the College and its support groups. When facilities are not in use by the College, they may be used by the community on a first-come, first-serve basis. Reservations should be made through the General Administration Division, and are subject to approval by the President based on the criteria listed inPolicy 2.14. The President or designee reserves the right to change the date for any event when, in the opinion of the President or designee, another event should take precedence.
  2. Restrictions: The College may restrict the use of its facilities for any group, organization or business whose programs or activities are in direct competition with those of the College.
  3. Frequency of Use: A group that is not directly affiliated with the College may use College facilities no more than six (6) times per year.
  4. Fees: The College may set reasonable fees for the use of its facilities and shall deposit said fees in an institutional account to recover expenses for support services, and overhead. Categories of fees include: Facility Use Fees (overhead), Technical Support Fees, Telecommunications Fees (satellite downlink), and Security Fees. The following provisions apply:
    1. The College may waive any or all fees where the College is a designated sponsor of the event. In all other cases, technical support, telecommunications, or security fees may not be waived if such services are deemed necessary by the College.
    2. The College may waive the facility use fees for governmental agencies, public education institutions, or local non-profit organizations provided that no such services are required of the College and the agency or organization does not directly or indirectly charge attendees for the event nor for the use of the facility for fundraising purposes.
    3. Exceptions to the fee schedule and limitations on frequency of use may be made by the College. In such cases of extended use, new fees may be negotiated; however the use must have a public benefit and be consistent with the mission of the College.
    4. Fees will be reviewed annually and are subject to change.
  5. Liability and Insurance: Any group scheduling facilities on campus must have its own insurance to cover any property or materials it brings to the campus. The College will not assume responsibility for damage or loss to such property. The College assumes no liability for injury incurred by any member of such a group while engaged in a group activity on College property. The President or designee may, on a case-by-case basis, require a group to secure and present a certificate of insurance evidence coverage in such amount that the College may require based upon the activity. The College must be named on the policy, or by appropriate endorsement to the policy, as an additional insured.
  6. Materials: Blue Ridge Community College will not provide charts, markers, or other instructional materials for visiting groups.
  7. Use of Pianos in the Auditoriums: Use of Steinway pianos must be approved by the Music Department. Practice and rehearsal time can be scheduled before events. The charge for practice and rehearsal time is equal to one-half the regular rates.
  8. Use of Audio-visual Equipment: When audio-visual equipment is needed, it should be requested in writing on a form provided by the College. Audio-visual equipment must not be moved from one room to another without permission from the College.
  9. Guidelines for Groups Using College Facilities: The following guidelines must be followed to ensure the utilization of College facilities by outside groups.
    1. Political candidates or political parties receiving approval to use College facilities must declare the College non-partisan in any advertising or written invitation or notice in which the College’s name appears. The following statement should be used: Blue Ridge Community College is non-partisan in the use of its facilities by political groups or parties and endorses no candidate or party.
    2. All vehicles must be parked in parking lots in designated parking spaces. Parking is not allowed on the grass, on the side of any road, or blocking the entrances to any parking lot. Because parking lots are used for various training courses through Economic and Workforce Development/Continuing Education availability may be limited. A list of dates when Economic and Workforce/Continuing Education courses are held in parking lots can be provided to interested groups.
    3. All trash should be removed from the premises or placed in receptacles before leaving the College. Any clean-up or maintenance above and beyond that regularly scheduled by the College must be provided by the organization using the facility unless prior arrangements are made with the custodial staff. The College reserves the right to assess a reasonable clean-up fee in the event that the premise is left dirty.
    4. Children must be accompanied by an adult. No child under the age of ten should cross roads without the assistance of an adult. Safety is of utmost concern to the College and visitors to the College should follow common sense rules. Failure to act in a safe manner will cause revocation of privileges to the group(s) involved.
    5. No fishing or swimming is allowed.
    6. Persons must not fight, use excessive force, or use profanity while on College premises. Persons must not damage College property. The College reserves the right to assess a reasonable replacement fee for any damage to College property.
    7. The use, sale, or consumption of alcoholic beverages on College premises is prohibited except by permit for special events as provided for inSection 2.14.4 Use of Alcohol at Special Events.
    8. Animals are permitted on College grounds only under certain conditions. Refer toProcedure 2.14.7 Animals on Campus.
    9. Use of tobacco in any form is prohibited in any College building.
    10. All visiting groups are responsible for overseeing the activities and conduct of their members while utilizing College facilities and must comply with all applicable College rules and regulations, including safety procedures. The College may require security for any event and such costs shall be assessed to the visiting group.
    11. If the College is closed due to inclement weather, all events will be rescheduled.
    12. Failure to comply with the guidelines outlined in this procedure, including failure to pay a facility use fee, will cause immediate denial of access and utilization of College facilities.

Blue Ridge Community College Policies and Procedures Manual