2.8.1 Campus Solicitation

Policy TrackingDate
ApprovedApril 17, 1997
RevisedMay 18. 2021

  1. Requests for any type of on-campus solicitation must be made in writing to the College’s Event Coordinator and are subject to approval by the President, based on the criteria listed inPolicy 2.14 - College Facilities. The President or designee reserves the right to change the date for any event when, in the opinion of the President or designee, another event should take precedence. Requests should be made at least two weeks in advance so that notice of the solicitation can be distributed to all personnel.
  2. Pamphlets, publications, advertisements, and any other such materials may not be distributed through any form of the College’s internal mail system. The College provides some designated bulletin board space for its students and employees, as noted inPolicy 2.7 - College Publications. Other than such limited use by the College’s students and employees, bulletin boards may not be used for commercial purposes.