2.14.3 Use of College Facilities by Business and Industry

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RevisedSeptember 12, 2016

  1. In accordance with North Carolina General Statutes 66-58(c) and 115D-20(12), the Board of Trustees has authorized limited use of College facilities by private business enterprises and industries that loan or donate instructional equipment to the College. Permission may be granted by Blue Ridge Community College when such use of facilities is in keeping with the mission of the College and when the following conditions are met.
    1. The use of instructional equipment is for demonstrating the loaned or donated equipment to customers or potential customers of the business enterprise or industry.
    2. The business or industry loans or donates instructional equipment to the College.
    3. There is an established timeline for the use of such equipment; which must be outlined in a formal agreement.
    4. Demonstrations of the equipment are held during normal hours of operation and do not disrupt classes, scheduled activities, or events.
    5. The use must be approved by the Vice President of the appropriate program, a representative of the College must be present at all times when the equipment is used, and the College is not held liable for theft, loss or damage of the equipment.
    6. Equipment maintenance is not assumed to be the responsibility of the College.