2.14.2 Use of College Shops and Labs

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RevisedApril 2, 2014

  1. During the College’s normal operating hours, all College classrooms containing technical or controlled equipment, applied science shops and other school labs, e.g., computer labs, must be closed when an instructor is not present, except when special permission is granted by the instructor and the respective Vice President.

    To maintain a safe and secure environment, students who require access to the College’s facilities, outside of the College’s normal operating hours, shall have an instructor, or College employee, designated by the respective Vice President, to provide access to the building, take attendance, and provide contact information for the students in the event of an emergency. The instructor, or designated College employee, must remain in the immediate area and available to respond to emergencies. When students are participating in activities that require the use of personal protective equipment or those which involve the use of machinery or potentially hazardous equipment or materials, i.e. chemicals, a qualified instructor, or College employee, designated by the instructor and the respective Vice President, must be present in the room.
  2. No work of commercial nature may be done in any Blue Ridge Community College facility unless it is in conjunction with an approved training program in partnership with a local business. Work on vehicles, radios, televisions, computers and other equipment for students and employees of the College may be done only if this is part of the class work or project.
  3. No charges may be made for any commodity or service other than the specific parts and materials used.
  4. Any student or employee found abusing these regulations will be subject to disciplinary action pursuant to PolicySection 3.11 (Employee Conduct, Disciplinary Action and Right to Appeal).

Blue Ridge Community College Policies and Procedures Manual