3.9.1 Pay Periods

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RevisedSeptember 6, 2017

  1. As a condition of employment, all employees paid by Blue Ridge Community College are required to use direct deposit to receive payroll related payments. In accordance with federal requirements regarding direct deposit of payroll, the employee may select the financial institutions(s) of his/her choice to accommodate the receipt of direct deposit payments. If an employee is unable to secure an account at an eligible financial institution or he/she believes that enrollment in direct deposit will result in an extreme hardship, the employee may request exemption using the exempt request form. All employees will be provided with an electronic payroll advice. All employees are responsible for reviewing their payroll advice on a monthly basis.
  2. Full-time employees will receive monthly direct deposits on the last day of each month. When the last day falls on a holiday or weekend, every effort will be made to release checks on the last preceding working day.
  3. Part-time employees and adjunct faculty will receive their monthly direct deposit of payroll on the same schedule as full-time employees.
  4. Part-time instructors in the Extension, Literacy, Human Resources Development, and Vocational Education and Workforce Investment Act programs will be paid on the last working day of the month in which their class ends. In some instances, it may be desirable to pay these instructors monthly. In such cases, advance arrangements are to be made with the respective dean.
    1. In order for part-time instructors to be paid on the last working day, contracts and withholding forms should be in the HR/Payroll Department by the fifteenth of the month.
    2. Changes in requests must be made by the fifteenth of the month in which payment is expected. If changes are received after this date, they will be processed in the following month's payroll.
  5. College work-study participants will be paid via direct deposit on the last working day of each month for work completed through the fifteenth of that month or through an earlier date designated by the Division of Finance.
  6. Employees are required to complete all records and return all College-owned property before leaving the employment of the College. In the event that the employee does not fully comply with this requirement and restitution has not been made, the College may use any and all legal means to recover the cost of such items.
  7. No money shall be withheld from a final payment to a separated employee except as allowed by federal and state law. An employee shall be notified in advance in writing of any deductions to be made from the final payment of salary pursuant to this procedure. This notice shall specify what amounts are being deducted and the reason(s) for the deductions.
    For employees who are non-exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act, withholdings may be made to:
    1. recover the cost of College property, equipment, uniforms, tools or other items owned by the College and not returned; and
    2. for overdrawn vacation or sick leave or other financial obligation to the College arising out of the employment relationship outstanding at the time of the employee’s separation.
    Withholding from the final paycheck may not reduce the pay for that pay period to a rate that is below the minimum wage.

    For employees who are exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act, withholdings may only be made as permitted pursuant to the U.S. Department of Labor regulations (see 29 C.F.R. 541.602). Withholding may not be made for lost or damaged College property or equipment.
  8. Upon official given notice of separation of full-time employment from the College, the final payout will be issued as a “live” payroll check.

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