3.8 Salary and Wage Plan

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ApprovedJanuary 13, 1997

  1. The President or a designee shall establish a College salary plan for all full-time salaried personnel with the exception of the President of the College. This salary plan will be compatible with the State statutes, rules and regulations and will be competitive with other institutional salary plans in the Community College System.
  2. The salary plan will be used to determine an employee's starting salary or any salary changes caused by promotion, attainment of further education or degrees, assignment of special duties, merit pay, or presidential awards. Annual salaries will be determined by the availability of funds appropriated by the General Assembly, allocations by the Department of Community Colleges, and funds from federal or local sources.
  3. All salaries determined by the salary plan shall be certified by the President.
  4. Wages for part-time faculty and staff will be determined by the appropriate Vice President.

Blue Ridge Community College Policies and Procedures Manual