3.10.2 Employee Evaluations

Policy TrackingDate
RevisedMarch 11, 2019
ReviewedMay 10, 2021

  1. All full-time employees shall be evaluated on their performance by their supervisors on an annual basis, no later than May 15 of each year.
  2. Part-time temporary employees shall be evaluated informally or as necessary. 
  3. All employees will be evaluated annually. Every full-time employee will have a conference withhis/hersupervisor to go over their annual evaluation. An outcome of this conference will be adevelopment plan to include strategies for improvement. The Human Resources Department will be responsible for coordinating and monitoring the evaluation process and may implement a timeline for the evaluation process. Development plans and Performance Improvement Plans and evaluations will be retained in the personnel file.
    1. The Performance Improvement Plan is required whenever an employee is rated at "below proficient" or not meeting expectations in either the "General Competencies" category or in the "Overall Rating."  The Performance Improvement Plan is not punitive in nature; rather, it is a plan developed between the employee and supervisor to give an employee with performance deficiencies the opportunity to succeed using the plan.  It may also be used to ameliorate behavior-related concerns.
  4. Supervisors may only use evaluation instruments that have been approved by the Human Resources Department. The President may use a different evaluation instrument and procedures when evaluating employees reporting directly to the President; however, these employees shall be evaluated annually.
  5. All full-time and part-time (adjunct) curriculum faculty, in addition to the evaluation procedure above for full-time faculty, shall be evaluated by their students on standard forms or via an online evaluation instrument provided and administered by the Office for Instruction.Student responses will be deidentified to maintain confidentiality. 
  6. Deans, Chairs or designee will conduct classroom observations of full-time or part-time faculty members during the first semester an instructor teaches to ensure adherence to all policies and procedures in the Blue Ridge Community College Faculty Handbook. Observation forms for both online and in-class courses will be used to document the review using the Insider. These forms will be provided by the Office for Instruction.Regular reviews will take place thereafter.Classroom observations will be used as part of a full-time faculty members annual performance evaluation. 
  7. Economic and Workforce Development/Continuing Education and Adult Education and Literacy department instructors are evaluated by their students through the useof a standard survey instrument.Such surveys are administered by the Basic Skills and Division of Economic and Workforce Development/Continuing Education for each class taught. Results of the evaluations shall be shared with the instructor.

Blue Ridge Community College Policies and Procedures Manual