3.3 Employment Letters of Appointment (or Contracts)

Policy TrackingDate
RevisedJuly 13, 2020
ReviewedJuly 13, 2020

  1. All full-time employees part-time instructional employees of Blue Ridge Community College shallsign written contracts. These individuals are hired for a fixed term for a specific purpose, and nothing written in the contract or by oral agreement is to state or imply that the employment will be continued beyond the fixed term.
  2. All part-time non-instructional employees of Blue Ridge Community College shall sign a written contract which indicates at-will employment for a specific purpose with a specific amount of pay.
  3. A copy of the signed contract, employment agreement, or12 monthprobationary employment formmustbe received by theHuman Resources Officebefore a checkwillbe issued to an employee. The original will be kept in the personnel filein the Human Resources Office.

Blue Ridge Community College Policies and Procedures Manual