3.8.4 Non-Remuneration for Student Recruitment, Admissions and Financial Aid Administration

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ApprovedMay 6, 2020

  1. The College prohibits any employee from receiving any gratuity, favor, discount, entertainment, hospitality, loan, transportation, lodging, meals or other item having monetary value of more than a de minimis to any employee or third party lead generator or marketing firm other than salaries paid to employees or fees paid to contractors related to recruitment of students. 
  2. The College will refrain from providing any commission, bonus or other incentive payment based directly or indirectly on securing enrollments, federal financial aid, veterans educational assistance or military tuition assistance to any personsor entities engaged in any student recruiting, admission activities, or making decisions regarding the award of student financial assistance. 
  3. The College will refrain from high-pressure recruitment tactics such as making multiple unsolicited contacts, including contacts by phone, email or in-person, and engaging in same-day recruitment and registration for the purpose of securing Service member enrollments.  

Blue Ridge Community College Policies and Procedures Manual